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"Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby ah ah ah ah ah ahhh"!

By Louisa, Aug 22 2014 05:22PM

The request was for a ruby bear and he was completed this week. Looking a bit pink on the photos but this fabric was a really deep ruby red and good to work with... But I couldn't get the Kaiser Chiefs' song out of my head while making this bear :)

Aug 25 2014 08:20PM by ANNIE BERAQUIT

Thank you very much for Ruby's graduation/birthday surprise. She really loves it, especially it's unique colour. The bear is a work of art and now has a special place at home.

Aug 27 2014 10:31AM by whiskeryig

Thanks Annie, and congrats to Ruby :)

Aug 27 2014 10:32PM by Ruby

Hi Louisa! Ruby here (the proud new owner of Ruby bear)...thank you so much I love him! Such a lovely surprise and you can see how much hard work went into him. Thank you again, I'll look after him forever! xox

Aug 29 2014 04:39PM by whiskeryig

Hello Ruby, it's lovely to hear from you and I'm so glad you like Ruby Bear :)

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